R.c.HSP Macchina Super Rally Scala :12 Completa


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Codice prodotto RC HSP Macchina Super Rally Scala :12 Completa
Categoria Scala 1:12
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RC HSP Macchina Super Rally Scala :12 Completa


1. Lunghezza: 345mm


2. Larghezza: 210mm

3  Altezza: 145mm4. Wheelbase: 275mm5. Translation ratio: 1: 8.26. Ground clearance: 25mm7. Motore: rc380 brush motor8. Servo: waterproof 3 kg9. Batteria: 7.4v 1500 mah li-po10. Drive system: 2wd1 1. Elettronica 2. 4g waterproof sender & receiver1 2. Ammortizzatori : 4 oil filled aluminum capped speed control

1 3. Weight: 850g



Rc 1:12 rc electroauto with brush motor and 2wd rtr for rallying on the road
Whether you are jumping through the dune, berrunning, or whirling the dirt off the road!
This vehicle gives you the little aggressive rallying experience, equipped with a powerful brush motor RC380,7.4v and 1500mah li-po battery.
Unpack, recharge your battery and it is ready for the ride through the forest, asphalt and the backyard of your children and beginners.
Ready to use, the included battery and charger are easy to use and provide reliable fun. A durable, lightweight, lightweight suspension control, a solid foundation for power and performance. High torch and waterproof servo give you great steering assistance.
Aggressive off road hobby tire, 2wd drive shaft system.
Powerful RC380 brush motor for extra fun
2.4GHz radio for range up to 150m!

1. Length: 345mm
2. Width: 210mm
3. Height: 145mm
4. Wheelbase: 275mm
5. Translation ratio: 1: 8.2
6. Ground clearance: 25mm
7. motor: rc380 brush motor
8. servo: waterproof 3 kg
9. battery: 7.4v 1500 mah li-po
10. Drive system: 2wd
1 1. funksystem: 2. 4g waterproof sender & receiver
1 2. Shocks: 4 oil filled aluminum capped speed control
1 3. Weight: 850g